F. Muto- G. Robustelli

"La geologia del massiccio del Pollino nell’ambito del Mediterraneo"

Pollino National Park has pinpointed, made maps and described 75 sites. They have been split into territories based on geological and geographical criteria, and correlated to other distinctive features of the landscape as well as of the culture and the history of the area. Such a long work has brought to an innovative data bank on PNP’s geodiversity. In order to better pursue its mission, which is to protect and cherish its geological, environmental and historical-cultural heritage, has asked to be included in the Global Geopark Network (GGN): the studies on the 75 sites we mentioned represented the technical and scientific ground from where to start, but they weren’t enough.
In November 2014 the dossier as well as all the documents for the candidacy were sent to the GGN, accompanied by letters by the deans of University of Calabria and University of Basilicata, by the National UNESCO Commission of Italy, by ISPRA, Calabria and Basilicata’s Regional Geologists Order, and by the National Geologists Order. On April 2015 the GGN answered: after having thoroughly examined PNP’s request, it decided to send a group of valuators to Pollino’s EGN/GGN areas. The mission would start on July 2015.