auto With the car, for those coming from both North and South, leaving the A3 motorway in the stretch between the Lauria Nord toll booths, in Basilicata, and Spezzano Terme, in Calabria, it is possible to reach many Park towns, connected by S.S. 19 that crosses the protected area.
In Calabria, on the Tyrrhenian side, along the S.S. 18 from Tortora to Belvedere, you can follow many roads that wind inwards; among them the S.S. 504, which from Scalea, passing through Santa Domenica Talao leads to Papasidero and Mormanno as well as S.S. 105, which from Belvedere reaches Castrovillari and Francavilla
Here you can also reach the Ionic side, taking the S.S. 92, for those coming from S.S. 106. Also on this side, those arriving from the North East, just after Policoro, in Basilicata, from S.S. 106 can take the S.S. 653, the "sinnica" valley floor that leads to Valsinni in Valsarmento, and passed the lake of Monte Cotugno can be released for the Valle del Frido. Continuing on the Sinnica, we cross the thermal area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLatronico and reach the Lauria Nord motorway junction
With the bus, thanks to bus companies, the territory of the Park is also connected, via highway, with Bari, Naples, Rome, Florence, Perugia, and Milan.autobus
trenoWith the train, important railway junctions are:
Sapri, in Campania; Scalea, Paola, Roggiano Scalo - San Marco Argentano, Trebisacce and Sibari, in Calabria; Policoro and Maratea in Basilicata
By plane, you can arrive at the following airports: Lamezia Terme (CZ), Naples and Bari.aereo