Paper park, park-academy, ghost park, park-soap opera, Penelope park, philosophy park: these are some of the many names that have been attributed to Pollino National Park. This variety of names derives from the fact that no other protected area in Italy has managed to master debates, studies, projects, plans in the same way as Pollino. It’s interesting to think that the Park was already well known in 1958, as the book “Precedenti storici per la valorizzazione scientifica e turistica del Pollino” by A. Miglio from Castrovillari testifies. It’s actually in this exact year that the Park’s values emerge for the first time on a national scale. Not long ago the Italian government issued a bill aimed to endorse Pollino National Park, in fact. In August was celebrated the 7th edition of the National Mountain Festival of Piano Ruggio. Ever since A. M. Simonetta appeared on "Casabella" in April 1964, Pollino National Park has been listed as Italian natural environment to protect.

Text : Annibale Formica and Bruno Niola, From "Uomo & Natura", Trimestrale delle aree protette Mediterranee, ed.Electa, Anno I, n.1, pp. 8-12.