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Trekking and rafting, canyoning, climbing and free-climbing, mountain biking and equestrian tourism are just some of the main outdoor activities that Pollino National Park offers throughout the whole year. The Park is a real outdoor gym, where tourists can not only find the activities they prefer, but also discover a heritage made of timeless cultures, breathtaking landscapes and an overall love for nature that we seem to have forgotten. THIS IS POLLINO NATIONAL PARK, A PLACE FOR UNIQUE ADVENTURES AND EMOTIONS. A lively and dynamic territory where you can walk or cycle, climb or paddle, in full harmony with a unique place that has one of the richest examples of biodiversity in the whole world.

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The diverse morphology has shaped a territory that puts together high peaks, impenetrable forests and vertiginous canyons dug by impetuous rivers and streams, places where each season represents a new inspirational chance to live nature.

With its diverse flora that beautifully entwines with human presence, Pollino National Park represents an exceptional spot that is worth knowing: a place made of many places, a place that mingles wild and pure nature with human history, cultures and traditions.

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