logo ecomuseo1Pollino Ecomuseum, which was built by the complex of Santa Maria della Consolazione in Rotonda, is meant to gather the entire heritage of Pollino National Park, be a lively place that is able to convey what life in the area is like: nature and culture combined.
It’s a happy marriage amongst nature and mankind, history and technology. In a simple and entertaining way, the Ecomuseum explains every aspect of the Park, which makes it a must-go-to place for visitors of all ages.
From the history of the Park, to flora and fauna, from cultures and traditions, to landscapes, thanks to innovative technologies, a system that is based on multilingualism, images, videos, 3D graphics, manual and auditory settings, Pollino Ecomuseum offers an enticing adventure that takes visitors on a fascinating journey to discover the protected area.
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It’s the very embodiment of the environmental and cultural heritage of Pollino National Park, and provides visitors with all the hints needed to live the place to the fullest.. Download brochure

Pianta ecomuseo