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Pollino National Park is one of the greatest and newest protected areas in Italy. Amongst the mountains Serra Dolcedorme and Cozzo del Pellegrino, where the horizon loses itself in between Tyrrhenian and Ionian sea, along Pollino and Orsomarso massifs, in between Calabria and Basilicata, mankind and Mother Nature cooperate, to protect a flora and a fauna that have lived there for millennia. That’s the very purpose of Pollino National Park, founded in 1993 to cherish its symbol: Pinus heldreichii, also known as ‘pino loricato’. According to the Italian Law n. 394/1991 on protected areas, the area surrounding Pollino and Orsomarso massifs are under special protection. This particular chain is an extension of the southern Apennine, it includes some of the highest peaks in southern Italy (over 2200 mt). On the West side, one can awe at the sight of Maratea, Praia a Mare and Belvedere Marittimo; on the east side, the Ionian coast offers the delightful sight of Sibari and Metaponto

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